Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly


I Miss Him So much
The way he touched
His Special Hugs
His hand in mine
Sleeping till nine

The way he smiled
Each morning waving Hi
Grabbing me from behind
Shhhhh… Whispering his words
Stealing a Kiss we were not heard

Dancing so close in his arms
Meditating and Loving till Dawn
My Warrior holding me tight
How I miss that in the night

Music he played made me sway
The songs he sang blew me away
His voice went through me
Still hearing him today

Things he said made me blush
Saying come here gave me a rush
I so miss his strength his touch
He was my Hero I Love so much

The Heavens are blessed
With him being there
A Special gift being with him
Angels are now taking it in

Yes I remember all he gave
The Love that came my way
My Heart is full of things we shared
I miss him so much… At times I feel him near