Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly


Long ago when I was born
It was in the Fall November morn
Then three siblings came after me
Close in age it was such a treat

I was Bubbly and loved to dance
Took lessons tapped and sang
On the stage I would prance,
Winning first place taking a chance

A young Girl wedding in sight
Having Babies seem so right
Five brought into the world
Love of my life three Boys two Girls

Years flew by Children grew tall
Held them tight when they left home
Now with Children of their own
A proud Grandma and not alone

The years had slowly passed
Found a Warrior Loved me so
He couldn’t stay he had to go
The Creator took him Home

Older and wiser I look at me
A few wrinkles I do see
No matter how the years go by
With change on the outside
Deep inside my Heart I can see
I Am… Still Me