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Dancing Butterfly: I Am a Native Woman
Dancing Butterfly

IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: Awarded: August 15, 2007
Awarded: Awarded: August 15, 2007
I am a Native Woman
a woman of native blood
carrying on my tradition
showing my spiritual love

I am a Native Woman
love from a warrior who shared
our culture of our Mohawk blood
to pass down to those who care

I am a Native Woman
smoke rising on sage each day
calling to the Great Spirit
for guidance to come my way

I am a Native Woman
with eyes and hair of brown
dancing in the native circle
I am so very proud

I am a Native Woman
holding my head up high
there is nothing about my nation
that I would want to hide

I am a Native Woman
for I will never fall
together we will stand
united with all