Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly


Dancing Butterfly and Shadow DancerAwhile ago he sent me his photo
I looked in silence seeing many things
Sadness, uncertainty, loneliness
All that, was there for me to see

He entered my Heart so very easily
The calls the web talks so many things
The months that followed slowly went by
His voice always sending me very high
I wanted him so badly by my side

The plans were made to meet soon
Coming to me in the month of June
The moment I felt him close to me
I knew right then it was meant to be
A brand new Love to set us free
A month later traveling to me by bus
Oregon to the East becoming a reality

I remember that day waiting patiently
His destination by Taxi came early morn
Finally with me, was scattered and worn
Taking him in my arms feeling his warmth
The magic began with a brand new start
We took each day with so much Love

Little mistakes were made here and there
Getting to know each other with care
Love carried us through the despair
Each day I Love him more and more
His path to me will stay secure
Our Love is stronger with each touch
I Love you my Warrior so very much

Author’s Note: Written for my Warrior, Shadow Dancer