Anthony W. Pahl OAM


From the time that I met you
to the moment I die
I have loved you
do love you
will love you
I sigh
at the wisp of the breeze
from a butterfly’s wings,
the scent of a rose,
and all gentle things
give my heart pleasure
because in them is you
with your love keeping time
as my heartbeats renew
the memories of times
that are eternally true.

And the strength of an oak tree
that bends in the wind
provides a reminder
of all of the things
that we shared on this earth
and my heart soars and sings
in the knowledge that when
I draw my last breath
there will be love,
there will be life,
there will be no more death
because in your arms
again I will be
just as right now
you are held gently by me.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to Dancing Butterfly, whose love for her man inspired these words

Note: This Beautiful Poem was written for me by my Friend and Poet Tony. His words are the way I feel in my Heart for a Warrior Larry “Zicahota” Irons who passed March 4, 2007. I want to share it with you all I feel it is so beautiful as I am sure you will.

Thank you Tony, for your Heartfelt Poem.

With Love~~~~> Dancing Butterfly