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Author’s Note: The following was posted by “Bear Warrior” in my Group this morning I wanted to share it and my response with you all. We all get this way at times many things that come up in our lives are hard to take and most do our best to come out of the cobwebs.

Love and Hugs ~~~~> Dancing Butterfly
October 17, 2007


I wonder does anyone really take the time to think about how much effort it takes to be nasty or in a bad mood more so than being happy and cheerful. It takes more muscle and energy from your body to be mean and nasty than it does to be pleasant and nice to people.

Energy and effort displacement are very important to the human body and we waste so much of it getting mad or nasty about things that are just plain silly. If people would think before they do and say maybe they wouldn’t be as tired at the end of the day.

I tell people did you know it takes more facial muscles to give a frown than it does to smile and they look like someone hit them with a splash of ice cold water. I see people with a frown on their face and I say to them smile it can’t be that bad and usually they make a grunting noise or even more of a frown.

If we took the effort to make better decisions in our life how much easier things would be. Things in life are usually an easy way of life it is we that make the choices of how it will be either easy or hard. We all, as human beings, should take more time and slow down and think about the choices we have and take the effort to think them through before we act.


Good Morning Bear Warrior

Thank you for these words – I needed them this morning I am in a bad mood – well a little anyway. A bad attitude on things: why do this why do that. The News gets me down and I really shouldn’t view it.

This Morning I heard about a Bug that is going around killing people it’s bad enough Mosquito’s can do that and have. I worry so much about my Family and with so many things that are happening on Mother Earth right now, it’s hard to smile at times. I will meditate with Sage push all bad feelings away and keep helping people with things of the Heart.

I have been in many Black Areas in my thoughts for a long time now with losing Love ones and now my Son Tommy with Cancer. Today I will pray to only see the Beauty around me that the Creator has given us. Thank you again for sharing.

These words inspired the response, “A Smile on Waking” ©Copyright October 18, 2007 by Ann-Marie Spittle