Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly


When I was with you and loved you so
We had each other but walked on tippy toes
Living with your Parents and two large Dogs
At night we were so quiet you couldn’t hear a drop

We quietly entered the kitchen seeking
something to eat
“Shhhh,” I said “it’s late – don’t even speak.”
Our laughter was low even when tickling your toes

If a light went on we heard it next day
If we laughed in silence we were to pay
I felt like a Butterfly in a Cage
I wanted US but it was them
Our Love was torn again and again

I wasn’t Free and that tormented me
At times we couldn’t even speak
Treated like a couple of Teens
Listening to every word we spoke
Our Love words were provoked

When two people Love as one
Need space alone to share their Love
Getting their way on a cold Fall day
Jealousy in their hearts turned me away

All you Lovers, listen to me
I would never again let this be
This Butterfly is now forever free
With no Cage holding me