Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly


An Open Book
Reading the pages of my Life
Wrong choices made not right
The unhappy thoughts are strong
I try to shake them some hold on

An Open Book
Loving from my Heart with pass Men
Trusting Love believing in them
Hurts that now keep filling my head
Over and over… and over again

An Open Book
There were good things along my Path
I have to keep on looking back
Grabbing Loving moments that I had
There were many not so sad

An Open Book
Each page tells so much
Of the Love I have touched
Bumps along the road I did take
Hoping to learn from my mistakes

An Open Book
As I sit writing this Poem,
With Loving memories glowing
Heartaches slowly fading away
I can see a bright new day

An Open Book
Closing that chapter of my life
Brand new pages I will write
Listening carefully on my road
No more hurts entering my Soul