Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly


Seeing you finally here
Stroking your Beautiful hair
Kissing your hands and tiny feet
Gently touching your shiny cheeks

Bringing you home showing the world
Watching you grow Loving you so
Little teeth starting to speak
Your first steps wobbling to me

Remembering you sitting on my knee
Telling you stories when you were three
Singing Songs passed down to me
Christmas Gifts under the Tree

Waving to you off to School
Growing so fast where did time go
Saturdays home cartoons and song
Splashing in the pool when it was hot

Entering sports doing many things
Graduating with honors “Look at me”
Finding a Love sparkles in your eyes
Leaving the nest oh how I cried

Babies I held so long ago
Now all grown and on your own
Doing so well and not alone
Marriage, Children buying a home

I wanted to tell you of my Love
How proud I am being your Mom
Sending you all so many Hugs
You’re still my Babies all grown up