Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly


You Birth your Babies with so much Love
Teaching them the way it should be
Giving them Guidance in their reach
They were your Babies but now grown
Their path is ready to walk alone

Slowly with Love letting them go
Not holding on but giving them Strength
Alone They have to find their way
Their Wings grow strong let them Fly
Some finding Rainbows in the Sky
Others walking on Bumpy roads

It’s the way of life as we all know
Jealousy and hurting that should not be
That is not a Loving Mom you see
Let them fly on Eagles’ Wings
With Someone to Love them that pleases me

Being a Mom I should know
As my Children did grow
Each one took off from under my Wings
I Loved them enough to set them free
So read my words you Mom’s out there
Let your Children Love and share
That is Loving them for I know
I have been there and let them go