Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly

Jeanne ~ Dancing Butterfly: A Falling Leaf WhispersA FALLING LEAF WHISPERS

A Leaf falling without the Breeze
Slowly falling from the Tree
On its way down gazing at me
Whispering hello I am a Leaf

From up above where I lived
With many leaves I was with
Green and healthy taking in sun
On raining days washing some

Looking down on God’s Creations
Knowing the time soon will come
Hoping to fall into someone’s arms
Didn’t want to land in a puddle
I am Pretty with Reds and Yellows

The Autumn chill is with us now
Seeing more leaves falling down
Soon the snow will touch the ground
Take me in your hand right now
Hold me carefully see my frown
I was here for just a little while

Now to rest and go to sleep
In your hand I will not weep
Smiling knowing you found me
Show the Children as I nap
In an Ironed wax paper wrap

It was my pleasure to be born
On that Tree above your lawn
Happy Autumn to you and all
Watching the leaves coming down
My Sisters, Brothers as they Fall