J. E. “Jack” Croucher-LaChance

J. E. “Jack” Croucher-LaChance

Jack is a retired businessman born and educated in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He has resided in Sarnia, Ontario since 1971.

Jack served with the elite Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry 1st and 2nd Battalions from 1950 to 1952. He spent a year as a frontline soldier during the Korean War.

He married his wife Fran, in 1955 and they have five married children, 13 grandchildren and two great-granddaughters.

Jack is an accomplished writer and poet with published poems and articles in many venues. He reports that his most distinguished honour to date is having his poem, “The Korea Veterans Wall” engraved on the Korea Veterans National Wall of Remembrance in Brampton, Ontario.

(Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry)

It appeared that all was quiet
As the Pats approached their goal.
Each step with care and caution
On this dead-of-night patrol.

They moved o’er the darkened hillsides,
As black as though in space,
With holes and rock and scrub grass
All there to slow their pace.

Grumbling and some cuss words
Were whispered in the night
As they moved along by instinct
Toward an unknown battle site.

Then completely out of nowhere,
Lying in wait and on both sides,
Flashing guns and rifles:
The Chinese had come alive!

Caught in a haze of fire they froze –
Then answered back
With Bren and Enfield rifles
To fight off this sneak attack.

With bullets whizzing ‘round them
And grenades thrown through the air,
Their casualties were mounting
With Patricias lying everywhere.

Sergeant Richardson was wounded:
Five times his body hit.
Heroic in his efforts
For his men in this snake pit.

He continued to give orders
While rescuing his men
Amid the hail of fire
From the rifles and the Brens.

A quiet night in South Korea
In the midst of No Man’s Land,
Turned out to be a miracle
For this Sergeant in command.

Author’s Note: In appreciation for the heroic actions of Sgt. John Richardson DSM, and the men of his platoon for bravery above and beyond the call of duty 15 October 1952 during the war in South Korea.