Clifton C. Cromberg

I gave my blood for Duty, Honor, and Country among others who made the ultimate sacrifice, their lives! I give this tribute that will be around long after I am gone! To all you veterans who have given your all… I honor you Veterans one and all!

I am a Screaming Eagle
“Expect No Mercy”
Clay “The Wolf” Cromberg


For those who have gone before
In and out deaths door
Where footsteps and shadows stayed
In souls scared memories remain…
The places, faces, and names
of all the soldiers who lived
Here to eternity, victory or death,
for Duty, Honor, Country…
Chiseled in hearts of stone
Banners waving with flags flown
Less we forget!!
The places, faces, and names
in our hearts memories remain.
Veteran Soldier
I Honor Thy Name

Author’s Note: In 1995 I was Honored in Washington, DC by Senator Eugene J. McCarthy for this poem which now resides in the “Library Of Congress.”