Diana Creed-Newton

Diana is Co-Founder and Treasurer of The Silver Star Families of America and a full-time supporter of our wounded service members. She has volunteered for many organizations that support the Armed Forces of the United States, including the Law Enforcement Equipment Program, The Purple Hearts and the Silver Star Families of America. She is a graduate of Southwest Missouri State University majoring in geography. Her volunteer efforts have been recognized with awards consisting of the Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Daily Point of Light Award, Conspicuous Service Medal, and was nominated by SSFOA members for the Above and Beyond Award for her care of our wounded. Diana has also been nominated for the CNN Hero of the Year.

Silver Star Families of America


When the darkness comes slowly and the lil “fireflies” are a glow,
You know that Summertime is here,
lighting the yards and fields with yellow twinkling lights.
All the while working up to the great 4th of July –
multi-colored and brilliant fireworks show,
With a “pop pop” in the air and a “bang bang” from afar;
fireflies nationwide are glowing at the sights.

Leo and Lona, two of the thousands of lightning bugs
are talking excitedly to each other,
The big night has finally arrived and they are electric,
just waiting to get a gander at their mother.

They flit and they fly, buzzing to and fro,
In anticipation of Mama’s great and fantastic show.
Leo and Lona and hundreds of their kin,
Can’t wait to get a glimpse of Mama again.

They know it will be a glorious sight;
the sky alit with colors so bright.
Leo and Lona and lightning bugs all over the USA,
prepare and practice each night for the country’s big Birthday.

As thousands of generations of lightning bugs can attest,
Our nation’s Birthday was borne from unrest.
The first lil lightning bug was around for the day,
When America was born for freedom and to keep it that way.

The flag stood tattered and torn, still flying high; even though very worn.
Victor and Libby were the lightning bugs there,
that very day,
to witness freedom’s march.
All around them the skies were aglow with bombs and smoke,
so God gave them light, on their lil behinds,
and they helped our Soldiers in the night.

Freedom’s light is divinely given to each one and all,
Even to Leo and Lona, from a day so very long ago,
when Victor and Libby told the story to lightning bugs, large and small.
The history of America and the trials that she has been through,
to keep freedom’s light burning,
In the hearts and minds of all, it is something to cherish and behold forever;
so that this great nation will not fall.

The flag that stands for freedom and liberty and justice for all,
still flying high and ever higher may she always wave,
She stands for the very homeland and heartland of the free and the brave.
Now, if Leo and Lona, Victor and Libby, and lightning bugs all;
understand America’s Birthday,
Then every American from their very soul to each breath we take;
as we ALL have a stake, should hold these truths to be self evident;
to forever keep America this way.

The big night is here and all of the lightning bugs gather and glow,
All ready to see Mama and her huge lightning bug show.
She has all the colors of the rainbow, so bright,
To light up the sky for a glorious sight.

Each lil lightning bug, like Leo and Lona know,
this year will be the only for them;
it is soon time for them to go,
But, each year like every year before,
they will tell their lil wee lightning bugs,
the story of America; so long ago.
For it is the honor, neigh the duty of lightning bugs all,
To pass on this knowledge by telling their kin,
the best way of life is when FREEDOM burns within.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to all that have fought freedoms fight and answered the call. For us all.

With love, written for babies Holden, Sophia and Anthony.

MeMaw and GreatAunt Diana