Marci L. Crawford


As I go through life I’ve seen many sad faces; blank eyes staring endlessly at images in their minds. Looking into their hearts I see glimpses of places they go to day and night. Tears running, voices screaming, sweat pouring as these heroes return to their battlegrounds. I cannot go along, though in heart’s desire I care to understand. Having not been there with them comprehension escapes me as I listen to their tale. Each face has a story they want to share to help one know the cost. Freedoms don’t come easy, the price is great; ask their mothers, wives and children. Death came to many to secure and procure the rights we enjoy today. These lives were not lost, they were given with trust we would learn and improve the world. So let us show that we care, ‘tis a simple task. Shake their hand, smile and say, “Thank you for your many sacrifices so that we may live free.”