Marci L. Crawford


I wish I had the power to open people’s eyes.
The price for freedom has been paid by way to many lives.

We have the right to speak, but few of us understand why.
Our men went off to war and too many had to die.

We can freely publish what we write, though not many of us do.
The cost was pain a lifetime long, where a bullet went right through.

We worship our God in the way we choose, that’s why Pilgrims left old England.
The fee was paid by boys leaving home and returning troubled men.

We assemble together by the score to get a point across.
The burden was great, for some it goes on; as they remember those we lost.

I wish we all would realize: Freedom is paid for with lives.
By some lives that are no more and by some we choose to ignore.

I pray for the time I’ll never again hear,
“No one’s ever thanked me before.”