Marci L. Crawford

Marci L. Crawford (used to be Martha L. Thompson) grew up in northern New Jersey. She and her husband, Ron, have lived the past 28 years in northern Florida. They have two wonderful children, Kami, 27 and Marc (USMC) 25. Kami and her husband, Alex, presented them with their first grandchild 2 weeks after Marci’s 50th birthday.

During the summer of 1966 Marci went out with a guy named Jay. He was a US Marine just home from Vietnam. They spent the summer talking, crying and just holding one another in each other’s arms. He needed to talk and Marci wanted to be there for him. That summer changed Marci’s life! She came to understand, ever-so minutely, that our military men and women not only make sacrifices while they are serving but for many of them it is a ‘lifelong tour of duty’. Marci has spoken to Jay’s Mom as recently as 1998. She says he is still suffering from PTSD.

Marci states that she is in awe of our nation’s heroes, our veterans believing that Way too many of America’s young people lose patience with the older folks around them. They don’t realize that if it weren’t for most of them would be living in a very different world right now.

Marci tries to thank several veterans every time she is in a store or walking on a street in town. Their reactions have varied from tears of appreciation that someone has remembered them to hugs and or a kiss. The one common denominator is that they are all surprised. Having heard many war stories, some heart wrenching, some funny – like the Marine unit in WWII in the South Pacific that turned the entire unit’s cookware into Swiss cheese because a pot settled in the dark.

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