Marci L. Crawford


America’s flag, the red, white and blue
still flies high, proud and true.
Our hearts all joined as one,
hand in hand all differences gone.
For our eyes witnessed the horror
while inside our hearts all grew.

Red and Yellow, Black and White,
side by side we join in might.
Our selfish desires all put aside
as we go forth on crimson tide.
The wretched pain has dimmed our light
but it will fortify our fight.

From the blood of Americans in the dust
a spirit arises we know we can trust.
The spirit of love ascends like a dove
to strengthen our bond with God above.
Their lives all ending in a manner unjust;
to remember them all is an absolute must.

Lest we forget what brought us here,
we’ll pray to the Lord to take our fear.
We’ll send in our daughters and our sons,
they’ll fight, if they have to, till Jesus comes.
For freedom is a right we all hold dear
we’ll stand by this battle till His trumpet we hear.

As ‘God Bless America’ arises our anthem anew
we are joining together with faith renewed.