Marci L. Crawford


A simple thank you is all it takes,
to bring a smile to a veteran’s face.

They have been to hell for me and you,
some are still there, what can we do?

A shake of their hand is a very small price,
as you say, ‘Thank you so much for your sacrifice.’

Give them your heart for just a moment or two,
as they step back and take a good look at you.

As their surprise fades away and they start to
speak, you may feel your knees go a little weak.

‘I was on the Astoria when she went down…
five hours in water with sharks all around.’

‘I was on a ship used as a shill…
while our battleship fired o’r us at the Korean’s hill.’

‘In Vietnam death was everywhere…
when new guys arrived I tried not to care.

The worst was friends killed an arm’s length away;
there was nothing I could do, it was their last day.’

‘Desert Storm was the war we fought on TV;
The Star Spangled Banner gained new meaning for me.

The desert, dehydration, the tension, and heat,
the Iraqis thought we’d be easy to beat.

The world woke up to our military might,
when we showed them all, we knew how to fight.’

One nation, under God, indivisible we stand,
for liberty and justice throughout any land.

So when you have the chance to show you care,
shake a hand and say thank you for going over there.