Robbie Cozens

Robbie served in the Royal Air Force with the Air Sea Rescue Launches from 1971 – 1983


An Old Sergeant Coxswain at Marine Dock I saw,
Surveying the Scene as he had long before.
To me he said, “Son a tale I must tell,
Of a bloody Brave crew and a Launch I knew well

A signal came in an aircraft was down,
We the Crew leapt aboard and sped through the Sound.
A perilous voyage on watch through the night
But when morning came a life raft in sight.

The Aircrew were safe they’d fly once again,
To fight for Old England her Children of then.
WE knew we were safe and glad to be home,
When on our port beam stood the old Eddystone.

Breakwater to port ‘cross Jennyclife Bay
But up on the Hoe no Bowls played that day.
We came alongside to where we now stand;
Aircrew ashore gratefully shook our hands.

On one Fateful day she’d never return,
A cowardly Hun lobbed a bomb on her Stern.
Her guns kept on firing to their very last shells,
Now they’re on Fiddlers Green Lad not one went to Hell.”

As I shook his hand he faded away,
For he’d been the Coxswain on that Fateful Day.
That had been his last mission his tale was now told,
He’s on Fiddlers Green he’ll no more grow old.

Fuel her up, Scrub her down Lads; you know what to do.
Take care of her,
She’ll take care of you,
The old Hants and Dorset lay there so serene,
Though some years before Brave Rescues had seen.

Author’s Note: Written in Tribute Dedicated to the Bravery of the Men in the 1939/1945 Conflict and to my Fellow Crew members no longer with us, now crewing their own RTTL’s and HSL’s just out of sight on Fiddlers Green.

WWII RAF Air Sea Rescue launches
WWII RAF Air Sea Rescue launches during the Battle of Britain on patrol in the English Channel