Eric M. Cooper

Sergeant Eric M. Cooper USMC
Sergeant Eric M. Cooper USMC
Presidio of Monterey - 1989
Eric served nine years in the U.S. Marine Corps from November 1984 – July 1993, including service in Desert Storm. He is still quite active in supporting the troops via visits to Walter Reed, care packages via Soldiers Angels & Free Republic, VFW’s Operation Uplink, etc.

And Eric also loves to attend pro-military events. He’s seen the anti-war freaks in action. He knows some of them are well meaning, peace-loving folks, but some are not. It’s the latter group that truly gets his goat.

Eric’s father served in Vietnam with the U.S. Navy, 68-69 in the Mekong Delta. While he wasn’t, to Eric’s knowledge, spit on or abused, he has colleagues that have struggled for years with their nightmares and other demons. He’s been very active for years with the VVA and Gamewardens of Vietnam. By speaking with some of these Vietnam veterans, Eric knows a little of how they feel about the hippie protesters – specifically John Kerry and Jane Fonda, “And here we’re seeing some of the same folks forty years later.”

Eric lives in Springfield VA with his wife and two beautiful daughters (ages 3 and 5) and two dumb but very lovable mutts.


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: March 8, 2007
Awarded: March 8, 2007
They gathered in the 60s
And Ol’ Glory burned and tore
With all their hollow slogans such as
‘Let’s make love, not war.’
They took for granted freedoms
Struggled for in every clime.
But as their sequel gathers steam
We’re saying ‘Not this time.’

Peaceniks still don’t grasp the irony,
As they demand free speech.
Atop soapboxes, with bullhorns
They curse and mock and preach:
And in our country that’s their right;
‘Twas earned in blood and grime.
Secured by men they tried to shame
But not now, not this time.

Perhaps someone can tell me why
When marching on for “peace”
These protesters bring cans of paint
And beat upon police?
Their anti-war activities
Bought and paid by foreign dime,
They used to go unchallenged,
But we promise – not this time.

They assaulted soldiers coming home
With curse words, spit and worse.
All done, it’s claimed, in search of peace
No matter how perverse.
With Fonda, Kerry, Ramsey Clark,
And others past their prime,
They hope to relive “glory” days.
But hold on, not this time.

Their signs laced with profanity,
With swastikas and threats.
Parading by with coffins
Showing no signs of regret.
Demonstrating outside hospitals
With signs like “Maimed for Lies.”
Well, free speech is a two-way street
You’ve got company this time.

Outside the Capitol, perhaps
Is where these types belong.
But treading on such sacred ground
Is insolent and wrong.
They won’t disturb memorials,
Or other spots sublime.
They’ve damaged several in the past,
But trust me, not this time.

So on March 17th around
The Wall we will be lined.
Ensuring reverence does prevail,
No monuments maligned.
We’ll peacefully assemble,
And we’ll tolerate no crime.
Forty years ago they marched alone,
Forget it – not this time.

Visit the Gathering of Eagles Website
Visit the Gathering of Eagles Website