David Cook

Dave served in Vietnam from March 1971 to October 1971


Vietnam you took away our sanity
We’re young men who are old before our time.
You robbed our souls, broke our hearts,
And made us less than slime.

Our country received us with no hero’s welcome,
They shunned us and we tried to hide our shame.
Just young men trying to do our duty,
Now we’re old and still we’re full of pain.

Thirty years of carrying this burden,
Has twisted us and made us less than men.
Life no longer holds any mystery,
Our innocence stripped from us when we were far too young.

We try to tell ourselves this pain won’t last forever,
But somehow we all know that it’s not true
Our families should be the one’s who get a medal
They’ve watched us slowly die as each day goes through.

We’ve tried to kill ourselves by gas or bullet,
And sadly many of us have taken our own lives,
But peace of mind is very hard to come by,
In a mind where confusion loves to thrive.

The nightmares now seem to come more often,
And sleep, less and less each night.
I awake trembling and cowering in the corner,
My mind alert from this imagined fright.

The drinking and the drugs do not help us,
Shattered lives and families fill our past.
The river in my mind is a raging torrent,
Of confusions, dreams of things that didn’t last.

Our ex-wives and our families suffered with us
Till they couldn’t take it anymore.
They tried to understand, but they just couldn’t,
They had to leave and take with them, our core.

We’re brothers who are bound by pain and suffering.
We’re brothers who are bound… we’re more than friends.
But we don’t have a noble motto,
We just wonder if this torture will ever end.

This story does not have a happy ending,
I’m writing this in a place called living hell.
Will I take my life or wait for the devil to take me:
It’s something, I guess, that only time will tell.