Andrew Connelly
“Ranger Andy”

Andrew “Ranger Andy” ConnellyAndy served in the US Army’s 75th Infantry Rangers until 1976. In the subsequent 15 years, he had 15 jobs – the result of not recognizing that he was in deep depression. After his Ranger buddy’s suicide in 1994, Andy became dangerously self-destructive until, with his wife’s coaxing, he sought help. He was admitted to a Trauma Recovery Program at his local VA Hospital, and was diagnosed with PTSD.

During his time in the TRP he met Doctor Batte who helped come to terms with the many years of destructiveness. Through Dr Batte’s intervention and care, Andy grabbed a thread of hope and has progressed to creating and running an on-line business called the International Society of Dysfunctional Veterans©™ which uses Kilroy peeking out of a foxhole as its logo, because, Andy says, “it looks like how I feel.”

Andy’s once-serious motto, Dysfunctional Veteran-Leave Me Alone©™, is now a light-hearted reflection of tougher times. He has adopted in life, the words once said by John Boswell, “Blessed is he who has learned to laugh at himself, for he shall never cease to be entertained.”

Andrew “Ranger Andy” Connelly
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