Albert V. Colletto, Jr

Albert V. Colletto Jr
Albert V. Colletto Jr: 1949-1969
“We attended a birthday party on Sunday [1September 16, 2012] for a Gold Star Mother who turned 98. God bless her. Her son was killed at Hamburger Hill in 1969. He was 20 years old. Her name is Frances and she only recently stopped volunteering at our VA hospital. She considers all Vietnam Veterans her sons.

Her son who was killed, Albert V. Colletto, Jr., wrote a poem about Hamburger Hill. He sent the poem to his mother and dad and two sisters who gave thanks that he was still alive. Albert was killed defending Hamburger Hill against another attack. His poem was written up in a Pittsburgh, PA newspaper in 1969. He had only been in Vietnam a few months.”

Information provided by Janet Rattay: September 19, 2012

Albert V. Colletto Jr is honored on Panel 19W, Row 11 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


As I lie here among the trees
The smell of the dying is in the breeze
A soldier cried out – come to me please
There was no need – he ceased to breathe.

The wounded laid dying, and the dead already gone
A sergeant yelled, get up, drive on
With the lead flying in from every way
I didn’t expect to last the day.

We fought hard trying to win
But at last we stopped, as night set in
Dig in deep was the word
To those who were left it didn’t seem absurd
They called our assault Hamburger Hill
A name well put, but will you remember it,
As I always will.

Ask the lame,
They can tell you it wasn’t a game
You can’t ask the dead
But remember their aim.

Peace is golden and maybe achieved
If men would learn to love,
The burden of war would be relieved
This is a true story, it is no lie
Give credit to the dead
Because of the hill they died.