Per Cod


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: October 27, 2004
Awarded: October 27, 2004
I’ll speak of wars’ episodes
every now and then
but of some I will not speak
of some I dare not even think
my shame, my fear, my pain
is mine and mine alone
to share it with you, my dear
would tear my fences down
would rip the heart out from my open chest
words that wound like bullets
that would leave you just as dead
how can you love the man
the man you do not know
for it was not me you see
that savage killing foe
I will keep my silence still
feel my pain alone
if I keep him under covers
and speak of him no more
he may be forever lost
and forever gone
that savage killing foe

Written in conjunction with the poem of the same name, “Speak to Me” – ©Copyright October 22, 2004 by Faye Sizemore