Paige Chia

Paige ChiaPaige Chia is a copywriter based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has been interested in poetry since a very young age, thanks to the dedicated efforts of her English teachers, and prefers reading poetry more than writing it.

In the hope of leaving a mark amongst the circles of serious poetry readers all over the world, Paige has tried her hand occasionally at producing quietly-impactful works. In her own words, Paige “considers the internet to be very helpful in reaching out to people in this respect, and IWVPA has a great collection of poetry of this genre.”

When it comes to war poetry, Paige is most influenced by Carl Sandberg, Stephen Crane, and many others. She is of the opinion that the world’s poets have always had a responsibility to record what they have seen – the good and the bad in the joy of life and the futility of needless death – not to glorify war and not so much to capture the colossal nature of human conflict, but to ensure that our children’s children do not forget that in war there are no unwounded soldiers, and that war is always a result of a human mistake.

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