Erika N. Chester

Erika N. ChesterErika live is Georgia, USA and her hobbies include running, drag racing, rock climbing, dancing, rappelling - in other words, basically anything that gets her adrenaline pumping.


Eager hands rush up to
erase memories as they
are newly made: brief
impressions to be carried
away to the next horizon.

Jealous, She grasps at
the laughter floating
o’er her, all for naught.
It escapes her once
again as She rages,
crashing her fury upon
the rocky shore.

Be not envious Lady,
for all those that
glitter do not hold a
true coin. Facades
mask truth; their
minds are weighed
heavy as the mouths
of children with lies.
Lady, it is you who
is to be envied, for
as endless stories are
written upon your skin,
we never see it in full,
only our own words,
our own drop in a
downpour of knowledge.