Irma S. Chambers

Irma and Sergeant Chambers: October 2007
Irma and husband, SSgt Christopher Chambers: January 2009

Irma’s maiden name is Sauceda and she was known as “Hot Sauce” because she is an American of Mexican descent, and because no one could pronounce her last name. Her Army buddies took the DA off her name, thereby shortening it to “Sauce”.

A member of the US Army until 1994, Irma was assigned to the HHC 1st Calvary Division out of Fort Hood, TX. She served with that unit until she ETS’d out of the Army. Her service included a tour of duty in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm.

Irma lives in Caldwell, Idaho with her husband who is a member of the Idaho National Guard. She IS the author of the well known inspirational story; A Lesson For My Son (commonly renamed Don’t Close the Blinds in its propagation over the internet).

Webmaster’s Note: I am in personal contact with Ms Chambers and would be pleased to pass any message or email on to her, particularly any request for permission to use her writings. Such permission is required under International Copyright Laws and should not be assumed or taken for granted!

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
IWVPA Webmaster and Literary Editor
November 6, 2007

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