Joe Casal

Joe Casal

Joe served as Chief of Communications (Morse Code) with the 5th Army Headquarters, 86th Combat Engineers and the 595th LE Engineer Company, Kansas Triangle Ops at Junction City, Preoria, and Akron (with Australians), and served in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam – 1966/1967


Lend me your eyes
so that I may see
the world as you.

Lend me your heart
so that I may feel
the love as you.

Lend me your love
so that I may
comfort and heal as you.

Lend me your shoes
so that I may walk
the same path as you.

Lend me your strength
so that I may be as
strong as you.

Lend me your hand
so that I may get up
and lend you mine.

Author’s Note: This is a poem that shows the love by Bro’s in combat, and how they help each other