Bill L. Carmichael

Bill Carmichael’s life began in snowbound Minnesota in August 1922, and now makes his home at Lakeview Angels in Montgomery, Texas, an Assisted Living Facility.

A Veteran of World War II, Bill served as a waist gunner on an 8th Air Force Liberator Bomber, based at Attlebridge, England.

Bill attended SMU for two years prior to serving in the Army/Air Force, and two years at the University of Texas after the end of the war. He majored in Tropical Meteorology, a subject which he still loves to talk about to various clubs and organizations in Southeast Texas.


Magnificent America, my old and trusted friend,
I hear your voice of freedom, riding softly in the wind.
I feel the warmth of your compassion radiating from your outreached hand,
Reaching out in friendship, across this varied land.
You have been so very generous to me,
Old sweet land of opportunity;
You have filled the promise of my lifelong goal,
And strengthened the very fiber of my soul.
Long ago you sent me on a journey in an angry world at war,
And then brought me safely home from death filled skies afar,
Back across a now peaceful sea,
To this last bastion of liberty.
If you would but ask old friend,
I would gladly go again.
To any distant hostile shore,
But I know you do not fill your warrior ranks with aging men,
Three score years and more.
I shall keep the vigil here within the borders of your cherished soil,
And watch the younger ones as they sow the seeds of freedom
And reap the golden harvest of their toil.