Melanie C. Campos ~ MahTame


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: October 1, 2010
Awarded: October 1, 2010
Down with the phantom memory
A never-ending recalling of hell
Pain releases an eternal sensory
Drinking till emaciated isn’t swell

Constant reminder torments a soul
Vivid voices wreak havoc in a mind
Shattered figures begin to unravel
Drugs travel through a broken vein

Waves crashing unto turmoil seas
Vicious circles of a hurricane life
Destructive living cries with pleas
Gambles a pathway to wicked strife

Grueling frustrations pounding yon
PTSD wallows in relentless turmoil
Warriors keep battling what’s gone
Even when they return to their soil

Where is the promised happiness?
Why did the effing war have to begin?
Will there ever be any true peace?
Erase their minds of the ugly demon!