Gavin M. Campbell


Our love was to be forever
Knowing not another’s lust
One night that all changed
For me you had no trust

Nothing to live for anymore
I decide to go on the lam
Nowhere to turn nothing to do
Until a call from Uncle Sam

Trained to march and kill
They sent me to foreign lands
I know it’s because of you
I am here in the desert sands

If only I had been true
My clothes would not be dirty
One day forgiveness I’ll earn
But tonight I patrol at 11:30


I loved you from early on
I felt you could do no wrong
This year we will be apart
Our love will grow strong

The Army said it was a deal
Birth has an expensive fee
The birth was now their bill
We are an Army family of three

After my war is over
I’ll return to stay
I can hardly wait
Until we are at that day

At sixteen we meet at school
At seventeen I took your hand
At twenty we had our baby boy
At 11:30 I see us in another land


I knew the love of plenty
One girl was not my style
There was the DNA to test
Then a lengthy civil trial

No way to pay the support
The Army called and told me
It was time to become a man
“Be all that you can be!”

Rank came as easy as girls
Now a team is what I lead
Through fury and hell I know
These boys’ lives is my deed

One last patrol tonight while
The days are long and hot
Thirty more minutes to go
At midnight, we hit the cot


I received a degree in four
No way to pay the bill
The Army said to report
Now I write for a thrill

Days spent on the phone
Complaining to my wife
I wish I had not chose
To partake in this life

The time will come
That I must go snoop
A report must be written
Whenever I get the scoop

My headline will hit
Like a sac of lead
For those that loved them
“Ambush at 11:31pm, 3 dead.”