Gavin M. Campbell


It will happen tonight
As it has in the past
A soldier shall fight
Hoping he will last

If his hope comes true
News is on Hollywood stars
You won’t have a clue
Tonight he earned scars

If he should die
Defending your land
Will the flag still fly
Or burn, by your hand

The protests will rage
Another GI has died
Wrote on history’s page
With brothers beside

It is not for rights
He chooses to stand
To partake in this fight
Nor is it the land

It is stronger than those
It is the men that stand
To fight alongside him
In that hot desert sand

If this should be his last
Helping, till shut is his eye
That his comrades will be past
By Death’s worn scythe

He fought for his brothers
Conceived of this foreign war
All with different mothers
Born of blood and gore