Danielle N. Calhoun


I dreamed of a place,
Where the grass was green,
The sky was blue,
And there were gentle breezes.

I found a horse,
Black as night,
Mane of white,
Hooves of gold,
He took me places,
I thought I would never go.

He broke into a run,
After a silent, slow trot,
At the end of the road,
Stood a wolf alone.

White as snow,
She was so alone,
Crying for those,
Who left her alone.

She followed us closely,
Not wanting to part,
This one wolf alone,
With a special heart.

We reached a fork in the road,
Wondering which way to go.

Right or left,
This is an adventure,
Our decision was met.

Going along,
Left and into a field,
There stood a black wolf,
Hunter at its heels.

Wounded and battered,
Scarred and bleeding,
This one wolf alone,
Had no place to call home.

The hunters saw us,
And ran the other way,
Something about the Wolf Spirit,
Coming to take them away.

White wolf and black,
Stared at each other,
Love for each other,
They did not lack.

They nuzzled and sniffed,
And much to my surprise,
The wounds, they were healed,
On this black wolf alone.

Soon day turned to night,
An end came to this day,
All of us tired,
Sleeping deeply,
I dreamed within the dream,
I am the white wolf,
Who is the black?

This dream is now distant,
Still I often think of it.

Who was the black wolf?
What is the significance of this dream?