Danielle N. Calhoun


The voices screaming in his head
the memories of war invade his bed
late at night he fights to sleep
while his wife tries not to weep

He came home with a smirk
not even a grin

She tried to figure out what happened to him

The doctors told them he was fine
they tried to convince them
but they knew

They would not listen

The family tried to help this man
until he took his life in his own hands
they found him that night

On Christmas Eve

They celebrated New Years
remembering him

They sued the government
but they fought back
they will never

Get their father back

Many years have come and gone
she still lives with the memories

Family comes and tries to believe
that she’ll be OK, knowing her grief
until the day they came to the home

She had passed
sad and alone

The family tried but could not believe
they lost both parents
on Christmas Eve

Now every New Year
is filled with the memories
of mom and dad

For they died one from the war
one from a broken heart

They live on keeping up the fight
knowing that others share in their belief
that war is a murderer
and a memory
they’d rather not keep