Donald R. Brunett

Donald R. BrunettDon Brunett was born on June 27, 1969, in Fairmont, West Virginia. He enlisted in the U.S. Army on May 15, 1990, and was trained in Field Artillery. After completing basic training and advanced individual training, Brunett was assigned to the 4/3 Field Artillery of the 2nd Armored Division (Forward) in Germany, and deployed to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Shield in late 1990.

4/3 Field Artillery was chosen to be the main fire support element for Task Force Iron during Operation Desert Storm, and SPC Brunett and his unit participated in the Battle of 73 Easting and the Battle of Norfolk during this time.

During the war, his unit was assigned to the 1st Infantry Division and was responsible for the initial breach of the Iraqi defenses, consequently rolling over the Iraqi 26th Infantry Division and taking 2,600 prisoners of war.

The Big Red One continued with the subsequent 162-mile assault on enemy-held territory over 100 hours, engaging 11 Iraqi divisions, destroying 550 enemy tanks, 480 armored personnel carriers, and taking a total of 11,400 prisoners of war.

During this time, SPC Brunett served as a member of the reconnaissance team, as a machine gunner, an ammo team leader, and as a driver for his unit. After the war ended, he served with the 101st Airborne Division until receiving an honorable discharge from the Army on May 15, 1994.


Lord give me strength and courage.
My enemy seeks to destroy me.
Give me the wisdom and fortitude to do what is right
when others do what is wrong.
Leave me without any doubts.
May I have the will to continue on during my darkest hour.
May my enemy tremble and fall before me.
For my cause is just.
My purpose is moral.
May my skill have no equal.
I pray my effort is not in vain.
May victory be within my grasp.
May my deeds not go unnoticed to those whom I have made this sacrifice.
For them I have offered to give my very life.
May my service be an eternal honor to my nation,
To those that came before me and
to those who are to follow.
My soul shall always belong to you my Heavenly Father.
I promise to give you the praise and the glory my God.
Whether I may rise or should I fall.
Your will be done.
In Jesus Christ’s name I pray. Amen.