F. William Broome


I am back home after the Great War
contented as any man alive could be
But my wife is highly possessive not
wanting me out of sight for a moment
I thought it to be my returning after long
months and her love for a husband
Later she begins crying from deep within
the chest and from out of the soul
I try to hold her and soothe the cause but she
pushes me away with strong emotion
She has to say it all to me now and this
is the way and time she chooses
Her first words say simply I feel so selfish
having you back in my life again
And that is because three of my friends
lost their husbands in the war
Each of them called me before I left
saying sincerely how glad they are
For me to have you alive and coming home
and we cry together for loss
She asks how she is supposed to feel
knowing they are alone in memories
My reply chokes as I promise friendship
and loyalty with deep respect
We will convince each that we love her by
our caring in memory of a husband