Eileen Breedlove


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: July 15, 2002
Awarded: July 15, 2002
You are not to blame my friend
it’s time to rest at ease
each soldier did the best he could
when the world was not at peace.

It wouldn’t have made a difference
who took charge, their rank or name
you were brothers fighting side by side
not looking to point the blame.

I think if I were a fallen brother
who physically never made it home,
I would feel at home in your hearts
and for that reason not died alone.

I doubt the faces, nightmares, and pain
for a Soldier will completely go away
until they are united on Heaven’s shore
one peaceful and healing day.

This poem was written in response to “Am I To Blame?” ~ ©Copyright July 2002 by
David R. Alexander