Guy and Eileen Breedlove


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: January 9, 2004
Awarded: January 9, 2004
There is a real live angel
who lives upon this earth
and there’s no way to tell you
the value of her worth.
In a place that is frightful
she calms your every fear
one could never feel alone
whenever she is near.
She is a ray of sunshine
on your darkest day
bringing smiles to others
in her own special way.
There is a strength about her
that helps another cope
a spirit glowing around her
giving others hope.
Thank you for the angel Lord
you placed upon this earth
no value can be placed on
our chemotherapy nurse.

Author’s Note: Guy, an Army Veteran who served Stateside during the Vietnam War, is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Leukemia. This poem is for the health care workers who dedicate themselves to the fight against cancer and in particular to Joyce, the nurse who is caring for Guy