Eileen Breedlove


Within the flames of terrorism
And smoke of devastation;
Underneath tons of rubble
God blessed our mighty Nation.

Firemen who risked their life
In hopes of saving another
Were found alive and well
Beneath hell’s massive cover.

With unselfish courage and love for life
Facing evil eye to eye;
Three brave heroes took control
Changing the course of a high-jacked flight.

On a flight that was destined to tragedy
They gave the ultimate sacrifice
Standing up for what they believed
Saving a countless number of lives.

And then there was a baby born
To carry on a Father’s blood;
A blessing of God’s great miracle
Renewing faith, hope and love.

It doesn’t stop the sorrow and pain
As we weep for so many others;
Multitudes of Mothers and Fathers,
Children, Sisters and Brother’s.

But when we pray for a miracle
And God gives us a sign of life
Take time to praise His almighty name
For it will ease the suffering and strife.