Eileen Breedlove


Sitting there beside you
in that different atmosphere
as your body is filled with chemo
and we are filled with fear
I cannot help but look around
at all the people there
each with a drip machine
sitting by their chair
doing what they must
in an effort to survive
fighting their own war
just to be alive.

And a hell of a war to fight
a fight that isn’t fair;
no mercy in a silent enemy
causing nothing but despair.
Poisoning your own bloodstream
is your only ammunition –
you take it and you fight
praying for remission.
Some have lost their hair
and sickness has set in
but they will do what it takes
to be well once again.

Reaching to an inner spirit
for the strength to cope;
hanging on so tightly
to every ounce of hope.
Watching you and others fight
at times I feel so empty
no matter how I try to help
I can’t bring you victory.

Submitted for the January 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Emptiness