Ann-Marie Spittle


Dedicated to Steve Brandenburg, May 1947- December 2007
Dedicated to Steve Brandenburg
May 1947- December 2007
The silence is deafening
No longer the weaver of wooden magic
Dances his hands
Over the once living things
That spoke to us of hidden nature’s depth
Until like Michael Angelo
He would bring out his David
And like an optical illusion
Uncover the hidden message
That only he could see
He is at one now
With the greatest carpenter of them all
Swapping tips and tools
To create even greater works
Than his human body could allow
A part of eternal existence
Allowing him to become the very wood
That he worked with

Author’s Note: Just now looking through the back messages on the site after my temporary absence, I found that Steve has passed away. I hope that his wife and family are getting all the support they need at this upsetting time.

I’ve written this poem for Steve as on many occasions his work inspired me to write poetry I would not normally have thought of.

January 22, 2008