Danielle N. Calhoun


Steve Brandenburg: 2005
Steve Brandenburg: 2005
Normally I can find the poetic words to express the way I feel
Now I find it hard as it’s a sudden bitter pill
I lost someone special before it was some time ago,
but to lose another friend now makes me want to crawl
in that corner of my mind where only memories dwell.

I learned a lot from him and he taught me well
Steve was a friend but not a saint.

He was more than my words could ever put to paper.
He was my brother – he was my friend – he was like my father.

It’s so hard to believe he left on the day of our ‘Joy’
but there is not to be joy in that corner of my heart.
I cried my moment of tears although he taught me strength.

Steve was my best friend, even more than I let on.

All the times we talked all the times we wrote
about the Harley rides and wolves in disguise.

Those sure were the days!

Tonight as I say my prayers I keep this thought in mind
This poem is written in memory for someone very kind

Imagine you are riding with no particular place to go –
You read all the signs as you ride this road
to happiness and joy to sadness and regret
never really knowing where that road will end.

I remember the ride the biker with the wolf on the tank
that my brother was in that image I painted.
Now as I cry the tears I thought had long since gone
the thought of losing you can’t be real.

I remember that cane you sent to me one day,
the one with the little mouse carved into the base.

I can see you there as I talked about my son
“My god how much he’s grown.” They say now.
He will never know you bro.

I tried to get back in touch after so long off the line
I never thought to ask anyone until tonight

Where is my brother now or the father I wish I had?
To hell with being brave tonight as I shed my tears;
I know that things were tough – you and I had our words.

At times I thought you’d give up on me,
but every time you came and called me ‘Munchkin’.

(I knew that you’d forgiven me for anything stupid I’d said.)

Now tonight I pray for your family and your friends.
As I lay my son down and he drifts off to sleep,
I can almost see you standing there!

You never knew my boy except through pictures and words,
but you will know more about him as you sit with God
and his angels who wait there.

Forget the Jack Daniels and the gin; forget the beer cans and bottles –
for you are no longer in pain. You have finally left your Nam.

Rest in peace Dear Brother and as you wake in Heaven,
know that in my heart, forever, I will always share
the Harley ride you took on the road to heaven.

And just before I go let me ask you this –
Could you say hello to all the others I miss?
Could you also give them each a little hug?
My heart is breaking as I remember……

As a dear friend once said:
Vaya Con Dios Mi Amigo –
Until we meet again


Oh the agony of a mouse without cheese
someone revive her with Swiss if you please
Monterey is nice and it’s served by the slice
but Swiss has the holes – where they go
no one knows

But there’s one thing that’s missing
and his name is Steve
He used to taunt
the mouse
with the cheese


Almost a year has come and gone
I still miss you

You passed away just around Jesus’ Day
Leaving us to mourn and pray

You left a wife and kids
your grandson probably
won’t remember when

you used to sit at your old pc
spinning yarns
making people laugh
making other want to cry

You were brutal
but you were kind
you called me munchkin
I responded in kind

So to you, you old stinky biker
I say a prayer and hope it finds you

Alive in our hearts
and in our minds

We remember you


I have a friend in DPA;
He is so kind,
Even when he is a pain.

Becky and I,
We tease him so.

We hate it when he has to go.

We tease him with leather,
And a feather or two, or three or more.

He takes it all in stride
never does he hides.

When he is down,
and feeling blue,
We cheer him up with a simple,
“I love you. “

He is a nut,
and I am, too.

Wonder if that is why we get along so well?