Kenneth G. Bopp

First stationed with the 3d Surgical Hospital in Bien Hoa, Kenneth’s unit moved to the delta after a couple of months where he and another anesthetist were in command of the convoy to the new location. He returned to the 24th Evacuation Hospital for a six-week temporary duty assignment, and then went back to the delta. In August 1967, transferring back to the 24th Evacuation Hospital, Kenneth finished his tour of duty in Long Binh, Vietnam.

After returning home, Kenneth worked in Belleville, Illinois for a couple of years, and then moved the family to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he continued my practice as a CRNA at what is now Memorial Medical Center. He was the first male nurse anesthetist they had ever seen at [Southern Baptist Hospital], where he worked with mostly cardiovascular and neurosurgical cases, and his group added Obstetrical anesthesia to their repertoire. Kenneth finished his career doing anesthesia for Labor and Delivery procedures.

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