Christina A. Sharik


Christina A. Sharik: The ‘I Am’ Series

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This is a book of 60 short poems, about life, love, war and peace. I'm the daughter and granddaughter of soldiers, and the mother of a son who recently retired from the Army after nearly 22 years of service.

This soft-cover book contains a beautifully reflective collection of poems that provides the reader with a unique perspective about emotions and realities that are usually silent and internal… about war and its consequences, life and living, and family. The inclusion of photographs is an unexpected bonus and underscores the emotions and reality that is inherent in each poem.

Although not stated, the book is a clear and poignant dedication to Veterans and their families in particular.

“The ‘I AM’ Series” is definitely a value-for-money book of undeniable worth and merit… a MUST read – and a MUST own! I look forward to successive books by this wonderfully talented American poet!

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
(Australian Vietnam Veteran)
Webmaster and Literary Editor
International War Veterans Poetry Archives
June 30, 2007

Christina A. SharikChristina is known as ArmyMom on the Internet and has been published in a number of Veterans’ periodicals and magazines, newsletters and a Newspaper in Texas. Her poems have been read at a number of ceremonies in the States over the last several years. They are also used in schools in the States – once as the basis for a play on Vietnam, in an elementary school as the theme for a Veterans’ Day writing assignment, and in a book on “Remembering” veterans of all wars, her poem Boots was the front page for the Korean/Vietnam section of the book – Christina was invited to read a poem at the Moving Wall in Tampa, Florida in April, 2001.

Christina believes that poems bring out feelings people have hidden for quite some time. “Anything that can make someone think a bit about the veterans is a good thing.”