Robert V. Schweitzer

“A Songwriter’s Story”

Robert V. Schweitzer: Trip to ColoradoTrip to Colorado: A Songwriter’s Story, is a novella based on a true story. It chronicles a Vietnam Vet’s disillusionment when he returns home from the service and his failure in adjusting to “coming home”. In despair he decides to leave and visit and Air Force buddy who lives in a Denver suburb. A barroom experience sends him running from Denver to Montana, a place he had been stationed before going to Vietnam. Throughout his travels he experiences people that play unique roles in helping him find himself. He is drawn to poets and songwriters and eventually achieves his dream of becoming one himself. Along the way he recalls his military experiences, which help him to finally process all that he had been through. The protagonist rises from failure and hopelessness to find the will to go on with life and endure. It is clear that he needed to leave home to “come home”.

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Robert V. SchweitzerRobert Victor Schweitzer was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wis. He has been writing poetry and songs for over 25 years and recently has recorded a CD with his partner, titled “Blame it on the Moon”. He served in the Air Force 1968-1972 and spent two years in Southeast Asia. He is married and works for the City of Milwaukee as a social worker. Favorite artists and influences are: Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan, Edgar Allen Poe and Carlos Santana.