Penny Rock

A Love Song From War

Penny Rock: He Called Me Lieutenant AngelA Vivid Look at Life in the Midst of the Carnage of War

A death bed request inspires an Army Nurse to tell the truth about war. He Called me Lieutenant Angel speaks to you with the insistent voice of love, hope and redemption from the Intensive Care Ward of a Vietnam Field Hospital.

It is a story of strength and enlightenment, a tribute to all the extraordinary young soldiers and nurses who share the intimate, final moments of life.

The book may be purchased through Penny’s WebsitePower of a Clear Mind

“A beautiful story that reveals the spirit and wisdom of one valiant young soldier, Penny Rock has captured the timeless horror and human cost of war in her wrenchingly personal poems.”

~ Tracey Carruthers
former NBC Network News Bureau Chief

“The Angels of Vietnam, among who is Penny Rock, fought uncountable life-and-death battles against the Grim Reaper on the battlefields that were the Emergency Rooms in war-torn Vietnam. Penny’s book reveals the terrible personal cost and everlasting memories that are an inevitable result of exposure to such intensity of life… and death. To read this book, a wad of tissues may not be required for those with a strong and loving heart and a well defined sense of honour… but have several boxes close at hand anyway!”

~ Anthony W. Pahl OAM
Australian Vietnam Veteran, Poet, IWVPA Webmaster and Literary Editor

Penny RockPenny Rock was featured in the Academy Award nominated documentary film, A Heading, and is the subject of Normi Noel’s play, No Background Music, produced by Shakespeare & Company in August 2006. Adapted for BBC World Wide Radio, it premiered in September 2005 and won the Sony Gold Drama award 2006. Penny was portrayed by Sigourney Weaver.