Roberto J. Prinselaar


Roberto J. Prinselaar: Tears Of Ink

Anazon: Roberto J. Prinselaar: Tears Of Ink
Throughout history, veterans have returned, no longer the young and innocent men and women who left their families to become members of a military force. They were changed to fit the needs of whatever units they were to be assigned to. They were broken down, and then rebuilt, and when these veterans were submerged in the agonizing experiences of war they changed even further.

Many names have been used to describe the aftereffects of combat, but after Vietnam it was finally recognized as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the government established “Vet Centers” in many of our cities, with trained counselors to assist our veterans. There they are asked to talk about their experiences and feelings, and many find that they are unable to do so. The author found himself in that situation, and was able to help himself by writing poetry, and putting his feelings on paper, resulting in the publishing of this book.

Families of veterans will find this book invaluable in understanding the changes in their loved ones after they have returned home.

Roberto J. PrinselaarRoberto served his country in the Navy and Coast Guard for 31 plus years. During those years he was in Korea, China, and Southeast Asia. He entered the service as a Seaman Recruit, and after becoming a Chief Petty Officer, received a Presidential commission to LTjg, and retired as a Lieutenant Commander.