Lynn C. Price


Lynn C. Price: Warrior's Path

ISBN 1-4241-3779-9

Lynn C. Price: Warrior's Path
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The poems from Warrior’s Path came from deep within the heart of author Lynn Price. Some were born of her own life expectancies, and some were written to honor our Fallen Heroes and their families. You will read of joy, sadness, life, death, hope and love in the poems throughout Warrior’s Path. From support of our Fallen Heroes to the precious birth of a child, the road is long and hard, filled with detours and crosswalks. With her dedication to personalizing each work with its own story, the road always brings the reader home, ever aware that the only constant in life is change.

Janie Orman, PenPoint Review

As an author myself, I must admit that I have never been a fan of poetry. However, when I read some of the works of Lynn Price, I had a change of heart. Lynn writes from the heart, and that is exactly where her work strikes you, in the heart. Even if you’re not a poetry fan, l hope her first published book will change your mind.

Steven Newton, Author of The Old Sergeant series

Lynn C. PriceLYNN C. PRICE is a proud American, dedicated to honoring our nation’s military and veterans. Her Native American roots run deep in a soul that wishes to preserve the cultures of her people, the Cherokee. As a lifelong writer of poetry, one of her many dreams was to publish this book, sharing her collection with the world. Lynn resides in her native North Carolina with her husband, children and grandchildren.