Steven J. Newton


Steven J. Newton: The Old SergeantThe short stories of The Old Sergeant compile many different aspects of the human character, including inspiration, tragedy, honor, and humor. He is fictional, but his life, and the lives of the men he commands, becomes very real to the reader as the stories come together as one. One life lived and some lives lost. Through the war in Iraq and reflections on past wars won, now a distant memory, the Old Sarge is someone who most everyone can relate to. There is a real-time sense in all of the stories told, to be embraced into the reader’s mind and heart. The lives of everyone, even the enemy on the battlefield, come into play in riveting reality and bring a sense of being a part of something bigger than the self. Teamwork and the full scope of humanity, in times of war and strife, give the reader a feeling of community and inspiration when Old Sarge comes to life in some of the most touching and poignant stories of war, love, humanity and duty.

ISBN 1-4137-8018-0

Steven J. Newton: The Old Sergeant

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Steven J. NewtonSteve Newton is a retired police chief. He also served in the Marine Corps as the United States Navy and is the 3rd vice president of the National Association of Police Chiefs, a recipient of the Department of Defense Exceptional Public Service Award, and the Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award. He is the founder of the Silver Star Families of America and since retiring, he writes articles for various veteran, law enforcement, and military publications. Steve Newton now has Parkinson’s disease and lives somewhere in the deep woods of Missouri.